Labourlist has an interview with Councillor Sharron Brooks, the LibDem who was in such a spin following the ConDem colation that she wrote to constituents to ask what she should do. Her much remarked on leaflet had a range of options: 50-50, phone-a-friend etc. Well the results are in and the winning answer is (cue fanfare) she’s become Labour’s newest councillor (in Barnsley) joining a clutch of by-election victors in the south (Norwich and Exeter). As LL says:

Significantly… this is more than a simple defection, no matter how principled many of those are. By consulting with her constituents, Sharron Brook has gained a mandate for her move.

..unlike her unprincipled former leader who hitched up with the Tories without asking anyone as soon as the prospect of six figure salaries and getting their bums on the back of the government’s fleet of Priuses beckoned for the LibDems.

Political Scrapbook points out that in Barnsley Council’s 38 year history its the lowest point for the LibDems as their only member has crossed the floor. A warm welcome to Councillor Brook, a shame she has missed out in voting in the Labour leadership contest (now underway) by just a matter of days.