Its day three and the rumour circulated by Left Futures blog in a tawdry piece that got the constituency of Charles Kennedy as well as his planned defection to Labour wrong is still on the tv news bulletins. So such so that I went to BBC Breakfast this morning to comment on it at their invitation.

The story being on a blog gives more credence and even “legs” to what in former times would have been a bit of Westminster gossip amongst those in the know. In this way blogs have had a democratising role: empowering people who would not formerly have been able to enter the elite of the commentariat to contribute to political debate. along with 24 hour news tv reaction is accelerated, but there are quality control issues. Velocity does however mean veracity.

As for Kennedy the ideological reason he joined the SDP all those years ago – ie Labour’s leftward drift – no longer applies, so even though the whips/ Lib Dem will have beaten any Labour inklings out of him by now he should sign up. This is the party of Keynes, Beveridge and Simon Hughes for Chrissake! Councillors elected as Lib Dems have already defected to Labour in Hull, Exeter and Southwark and Councillor Sharron Brook in Barnsley even put out a missive to all constituents clearly showing that she has been weighing it up seeing as the party have been so betrayed and sold out by the leadership.

Interesting choice of words by LibDem co-interviewee Mark Pack that “Trident is up in the air”. Ooops. Let’s hope not, for the sake of the planet.