Interesting post here from my fellow defeated Walpole candidate Wiktor Moszczynski who is underwhelmed by all the current Labour leadership candidates. Read on here. He also reveals himself as the chap who rumbled Diane Abbot as a private school parent (sort of).

Hopi Sen also has been doing a series of “the case against” the lot of ’em over at Labourlist here.

Conventional thinking seems to be that it’s down to Miliband vs Miliband. There are two scenarios hereafter:
1. The cuts prove so unpopular the unravelled coalition limps into the next election which is there for the taking for anyone who becomes Labour leader
2. The honeymooon continues for Dave n Nick who fix the system so they romp home, whoever wins the Labour leadership becomes Labour’s William Hague (loved by activists, spurned by voters, young enough to make a comeback)

Obviously I’d like to see the former happen but opinion polls seem to suggest that the coalition is the most popular political force out there for now as does the delayed Thirsk constituency election result (after the Condem plan was revealed) where the two got three quarters of the vote between them.

It is early days though. If a week is a long time in politics five years is an eternity. Let’s hope the new leader of the Labour party can, to use a cliche, hit the ground running quickly on election (a process which also feels like an eternity) so the work of opposing can begin properly. Unlike NUS elections in my day there is no option to vote for RON (re-open nominations).

Can’t think of a suitable picture so here is Wiktor being filmed for Polish tv. Shame he can’t run for the leadership.