According to the Daily Mirror Gillian Duffy, the Rochdale voter who only popped out for a pint of milk and ended up bringing down a government during the election campaign, has come out for David Miliband. Over a cuppa at her Rochdale home (where else?) Mrs D found him suitably intelligent and down to earth. The news broke on Twitter last night generating tweets including:

– Who can win “the Mrs Duffys”, as Ed Balls keeps calling them? It would appear that man is @DMiliband
– Brown’s nemesis Gillian Duffy’s a David Miliband fan. Clever. Says DM can win back lost Lab voters
– Wow, Gillian Duffy has come a long way from bigot to pundit.
– Interesting to see Gillian Duffy’s return to front line politics!
– Sure DM’s sleeping easy tonight knowing he’s got Duffy’s vote
– is she the new Paul the octopus ?
– wtf is gillian duffy?

I suppose if Gordon Brown can make a comeback why not Mrs D? Every little helps and her vote (through Unite) will be welcome to the DavidMilibandwagon: with an actual member countering Ed’s recent union top-table wins. Most 65 year old grannies don’t normally trend on twitter to boot. Nonethless let’s not forget to focus on the future in this contest rather than over-obsessing about the past which I thought the whole Mrs D affair was.

Cannot find any pics of this momentous occasion but another of Miliband’s visits to tea with the voters can be glimpsed briefly after about 3mins in here within the BBC News profile done after he came round these parts.

Mrs Duffy has not yet tweeted the event either but the election campaign did see a twitter feed open from someone calling herself bigotedwoman who at the height of her powers had getting on for a thousand followers. Example tweet:
– sleep well my new twitter friends i have turned off ur radio mics now 10:53 PM Apr 28th
See the lot for yourself here.