… are two things that have gone up today with my name on. Firstly the resulting report of the EU Access to Culture project that I’ve been working on for from 2008 – 2009 which are surely everyone knows were (i) European year of innovation and creativity and the (ii) year of intercultural dialogue respectively. Click here to see the findings of this 27 partner country study that looked at both access and obstacles to cultural activities by the citizens of Europe. An ambitious study with some interesting conclusions and recommendations: one size fits all certainly does not apply to the newly expanded Europe.

Secondly the Guardian have put up my thing on the UK tea party movement as secret weapon of the British politician. Click here to read and add a kind comment if you can. Its mainly about the Labour party leadership which still has ages to run and so far has been… well a bit dull really. I went to the Tribune/ Howard League hustings yesterday night where no single moment occured to set the campaign alight. Let’s hope there might be some action in store between now and 25th September.