Took part today in Progress’ lunchtime PMQs review: results are here. The chamber does look more Progressive these days: more women and ethnic minorities on both sides. Two Ealing-related backbenchers got questions in: ex-Elthorne councillor Valerie Vaz and current Ealing Central member Angie Bray.

Is it just me or is Cameron’s complexion changing? They used to say it of Peter Hain but it now applies to Dave… the future is Orange. There was a memorable question on Facebook and if Cameron would meet Mark Zuckerberg so that Raoul Moat fan-groups can be removed. Not really answered by Cameron who instead condemned Moat. This shouldn’t be called “Prime Ministers Questions” it is more, to borrow Harriet Harman’s phrase, “Prime Minister dodges the Questions”.

The level of “debate” was about the same as it Ealing Town Hall yesterday for the last Full Council before the Summer. Ealing’s new Corporate Plan was supposed to be being discussed but hardly anyone addressed the subject in hand. There were a number of maiden speeches, most memorably from fellow-Progress columnist Dan Crawford on how youth services were not fit for purpose in the borough and current Elthorne councillor Anita Kapoor (Con) who declared that she was not a maiden and read out a poem dedicated to all the “sisterhood” and refuting pre-elections slurs that she was “samosa lady”. To be continued in October…