Audio report here of the day David Milliband dropped in for a cup of tea – he was over at mine this morning. The meeting was not a “rah rah DM for leader” affair but a grassroots community bottom-up initiative in conjunction with the London Citizens campaign, an alliance of chruches and trade unions who also include some interesting policy positions including the amnesty for illegal immigrants (since adopted by one Boris Johnson) and the London living wage (shared by Milliband minor). You might remember it was at the eve-of-General-Election London Citizens/ Citizens UK meeting that Gordon Brown gave the speech of his life and the campaign.

I think all this is a consequence of Obama’s win. It was a tad sad when James Purnell resigned to become a community organiser (rather like when Tony Benn stepped down “to spend more time with politics”). The two should be inter-connected anyway surely. When the campaign rang me yesterday about hosting the meeting I found the title they gave of “David Miliband for Change” campaign a bit odd but I can see their point now, there is a lot to be said for this model at a time when the old-school politics has been so discredited.

I didn’t offer him a banana mind, despite the fact I had plenty indoors.

UPDATE: Youtube footage of the event here: