Boriswatch reports that the Outer London Commission has reported back to a low key launch with distinct lack of fanfare. Hardly surpising when BoJo seems to have lost votes all over town on the 2010 local election results and the Tories are still not being very forthcoming on Crossrail – this project seen as crucial to the development of suburban London is now in serious danger even though the work on it has already started. Proof of the Tories decline can be seen in their loss of outer London councils such as Harrow, Enfield and classic bellweather borough Ealing – not to the LibDems or NOC but straight to Labour. New Ealing leader Julian Bell took office last night as did a host of dignitaries sworn in including new deputy mayoress… Rupa Huq (no joke). It’s going to be an interesting year by all accounts.

Heckling Boris at Ealing Broadway (as seen on London Tonight)