Well the Labour leadership race just got exciting again.

After my post yesterday urging that someone who’s a woman should come forward and all wings of the part represented came a post from Simon Woolley of OBV at CiF putting forward the name Diane Abbot. Most of the comments dismissed (or even dissed) it as a birrova joke but now this – news that the grammar school and Cambridge educated class warrior and sofa chum of Michael Portillo herself is throwing her headgear into the ring. People who reckoned it could neve happen are I guess eating their words.

Whereas perennially jilted left standard-bearer John McDonnell was rumoured to be having trouble getting the 33 names he needed for nomination Diane has claimed to be confident of making the grade. He won’t be able to count on hers anymore although the timetable makes it tight for any would-be candidate to get their act together now. 

Final thought: Andy Burnham, probably a bit narked that all the attention has been taken away from his leadership bid launch today by Abbot might be the one to watch. There was once an anti PC Facebook group which numbered ex Labour MP Sion Simon and current Tory Ed Vaizey among its membership called 

Irritated By the Mindless Liberal Love of Barack Obama

that prophecised:

Why make such a big deal about Barack Obama, in a way that you’d cringe to imagine yourself doing about Andy Burnham (who’s got more chance of being the next Prime Minster than Barack has of being the next President)?

That had a pic of Andy B as its signature image. The people behind it (many of whom left when they realised they were on the wrong side) have already had to eat their words once. Will it be twice now?