Well Nick and Dave make a lovely couple frolicking around the Downing Street Rose Garden don’t they? Two ex-public schoolboys clearly enamoured with one another; mutual backslapping, finishing each other’s sentences and starting each one with “we”.

Both the ITV and BBC London news bulletins are heralding the nuptials as signalling the end of the third Heathrow runway but whether it would ever have happened given the recent High Court judgement is questionable. Surely  Crossrail’s future is now in doubt: the Tories have been somewhat equivocal in their support and stopped far short of a financial guarentee. With their imperative to slash’n’save the east-west rail project could be a tempting candidate for the chop.

It may sound uncharitable when everyone is wishing this new experiment well but as well as “coalition” for the partisan tribalist in me the words “sell out” and “stitch up” come to mind somewhat. Is Cameron in number 10 really what electors in LibDem constituencies originally won on the back of the anti-Iraq war wave like Cambridge and Manchester Withington wanted? And the Guardian and all those others who fell for the “once in a lifetime” line. It was John Lydon (nee Rotten) who said of punk “ever get feeling you’ve been cheated?” For this post though the last word must be left to Apache Indian: