The same day the London Evening Standard carried a headline predicting that Cameron was on the brink of number 10, Brown chucks a spanner in the works of the sickening lovefest that’s been filling 24 hour news tv by annnouncing his own walking the plank/ falling on his sword. The last couple of days have seen the men in suits from from what the Mirror called the ConDemNation command airspace/ column inches with their mysterious pronouncements of how amicably it’s all going, now Brown is back on the front pages. Some observations:

– The Lib Dems are obviously riding two horses, or to be less charitable, being promiscuous

– Why is GB being referred to in the past tense? He is still leader and PM in the immediate term

– The Tory AV referrendum promise  magiced like a rabbit out of a hat seems to demonstrate the lengths that Cameron and chums will go to to get their bums round the cabinet table, an improved offer motivated only by the prosepct of power

– Any Labour leadership battle needs to be a proper contest with all wings of the party represented

– Arithmetic aside, ideologically the Lib Dems and Labour have a greater degree of convergence than the Conservatives and Labour

– Brown, the man who became PM just as New Labour was going out of fashion, was at his most degnified and statemanlike in his statement: big of him to do what he did

In sum nobody can claim a clear mandate here; an election in which the outcome was unknown from the off has now resulted in negotiations where again the conclusion cannot be predicted. The old Chinese proverb  may you live in interesting times has never been so apt.

May he live in interesting times’