– A new broom effect amongst personnel in the new Parliament as many of the “jobs for the boys” expenses brigade have been swept away. The new intake includes 6 Asian women MPs

– Labour retake Ealing council in stunning result! Cleggmania punctured in former fiefdoms such as Liverpool, Hull and Nick’s own backyard Sheffield

– The BNP decisively routed in Barking and Dagenham, loosing all their council seats, as commented on by Billy Bragg

– A Labour gain in Rochdale! Both at council level and in its choice of MP with a candidate with an Eastern-European type surname! A victory against bigotry everywhere!


– The sight of Nick Clegg sucking up to the Tories. Gordon Brown’s words in Manchester on Tues “if you go to bed with Nick Clegg you may wake up with David Cameron” seem to be bang on the money…

– We didn’t quite crack Walpole ward. Still here’s hoping our coming a respectable second both in the ward and at constituency level in the newly drawn Ealing Acton and Shepherd’s Bush where our excellent candidate Bassam Mahfouz missed out, puts paid to the lies being peddled by the Lib Dems that only they can challenge the Tories in Ealing

– the bizzare exchange with a stubbornly unapolagetic Ealing Conservative councillor, who ostensibly represents me, at the count in the early hours of Friday morning in response to a spat on this blog – see here for background. Perhaps elections can bring out the worst in people.

– lack of sleep of late. Our declaration was at 21.30 hours on Friday as the ballot paper of 14 names led to endless permutations needing counting and recounting. Anyway, back to life… back to reality.