Went up to Manchester to hear Gordon Brown speak yesterday. My chum and fellow blogger Adrian Slatcher has written about the event here and the good ol’ Manchester Evening News covers the rousing address here.

Manchester itself is testimony to Labour acheivements in the past 13 years. When I lived there in the 90s the walk from Piccadilly station took in deriliction and decay. I thought things had changed massively by the time time I left first four years into this decade but on the evidence of yesterday the transformation has continued apace. It looks like a pleasant modern European city underscored by unmistakable Mancuninan-ness rather than a discgraced slagheap suffering from Tory neglect.

GB listed an impressive roll-call of Labour acheievements (minimum wage, rebuilt schools and hospitals etc) but regenerating our citycentres must be one that isn’t mentioned enough. Continued investment such as that we have seen would be in jeopardy if the clock gets turned back to Tory time tomorrow.