You know you’re in a marginal seat when Boris Johnson is spotted with your Parliamentary hopeful at the tube trailed by camera crews, shorthand scribbling reporters and long lenses. This lunchtime I encountered BoJo and Angie Bray the millionaire Conservative candidate who only bought a house in the borough on her candidate selection (in posh Chiswick though not proper Ealing) at Ealing Broadway station. The two took tea at a caff opposite and Boris said Crossrail would do wonders for the area… except the Tories don’t seem to have guaranteed funding for the project. When I asked, Angie said they were behind it. No-one seems to have told their transport spokeswoman Justine Greening however as highlighted by this week’s Ealing Gazette.

There were tv cameras around to also record my question to him asking when David Cameron would follow Boris’ lead in advocating an amnesty on illegal immigrants. Again a non-answer followed. Council leader Jason Stacey disapprovingly referred to me as the Labour candidate in Walpole – which I am, well spotted Jace. Then they were off again. To my knowledge no-one was recorded making ungaurded remarks after.

Finally in my capacity as a candidate I’ve had a letter from Toby Young who is having a hustings on Friday with the PPCs for Ealing Central and Acton motivated by his campaign to launch his own school instead of his local comp Acton High, apparently his alternative will be like Eton. The incentive for us to attend is that BBC tv cameras will be there.

Who said that this would be the first internet election? What with the leader’s debates it’s the first 24 hour news channels television one – as I write cameras are fixed on a 66 year old’s frontdoor in Rochdale hoping that the PM trips up in his post-faux pas remarks.

UPDATE: Just seen myself pictured with Boris on 10.30pm BBC Local News. The voice-over called me “a Labour council candidate”.

UPDATE 2: This consequence of the comments has gone up on the Ealing Today site.