Public information annoucement, the teenage son of a Walpole Labour party member is doing a project on Labour party members and wondered if I could get anyone to fill out the questionnaire he has done up here at Survey monkey. It’s only a quickie tick box thing which given the lad’s age is very sophisticated. I teach quantitative methods and questionnaire design to undergrads, some of whom struggle but this boy seems to have mastered the basics young. Enter you answers and you’ll make an A-S level student very happy.

As for the title of this post: presumanly some statistics will be generated by the exercise. On the election campaign meanwhile we’ve had quite a few manipulated figures lately, usually explained away by a slip of the tongue and policy made up on the hoof: remember the “black man” who joined the army at 10 or the assurance for free eye tests extracted under duress? For those who have missed the leaders’s debates these nuggets were contained in, a 15 second summary can be seen here:

Enjoy and roll on Thursday when the economy takes centre-stage (in theory).