Well the first leaders debate (or rather the debate about the debate with Nick Clegg cast as Susan Boyle) seems to have been shifted the polls but a week is a long time in politics and there are two more to go so still all to play for. For me debate fever is turning to debate fatigue. Even if you missed the actual thing (9.9 million is not 61 million) you’ll have seen highlights replayed ad infinitum and it seems to be cloggoing up the Parliament channel now that the venerable instiution intself is no longer sitting. In view of the above then here is some alternative viewing:


and here:


It’s stuff fom the frontline of the Walpole campaign. Our exploits can also be spotted

at 8 min and 9 mins here:

Finally an iplayer link where I can be seen from Sunday is here. It was a BBC religious programming department discussion on whether there should be an English parliament chaired by Nicky Campbell. I personally thing we need one like we need a hole in the head, as the Sugababes would put it. Am planning a longer post on the subject later but in the meantime some of the pros and cons can be seen from 23 minutes in…