UPDATE: To look at the Ealing council Labour manifesto click here

Manifestos are not the sort of reading matter taken to the hearts of the general public in general. Some nerds love to pore over their fine detail but in all the blather about rebooting politics, a set of policies presented to the general public in advance of a genreal election really needs to be in a more accessible format than a yawnsome telephone directory-like document. Which is the reasoning behind this fab new short film that every voter in my book needs to watch.

Nothing negative or Cameron-bashing about it: just the clear unvarnished facts in an easily digestible manner. It has been said that in a multi-platform world, manifestos should be multi-format: with a version for those who want to paddle in them, one for those who prefer to dive in and a longer version for those who’d rather swim in the detail of it (hopefuly without drowning). Or the 7″. 12″ remix or double album gatefold sleeve. The latter two will be out in due course but this bold and revolutionary film is the way forward for the non-anorak who’d like a handle on what’s going on. Enjoy both: the cover of the full length version is here: