I had an irate local resident knocking on my door yesterday early evening to alert me to the fact that the local Conservatives were breaching several bye-laws by campaigning at Northfields station, which is private property. I went round the corner to see for myself and lo and behold this is what I saw: two flowerbeds of what is clearly station property festooned with Tory banners and a trestle table set up in the station where born again Tory and one time Labour irritant councillor Gurcharan Singh and cronies distributing leaflets confusingly banging on about Ealing Hospital. Just like Lord Cashcroft who’s been getting away with it for years, the local Tories clearly think that they are above the law. They only moved on after they saw me snapping away intently having initially misjudged me as a well-wisher and posed for some of my pics.

Oh well, less than eight weeks until their appalling administration in Ealing will hopefuly be decisively kicked out.