Was out canvassing in Walpole ward this Sat. So were the Tories.  We spied two be-clipboarded WI types, if not exactly blue rinse brigade, who hissed “no chance” at us as our team walked past outnumbering them by a ratio of 4-1.  If their reaction were not unsporting enough, Cllr Phil Taylor (Con) then drove past with a put down/ witticism of his own. My fellow candidate Wiktor Moszczynski proved rapid rebuttal. As he puts it, the Conservatives were “off Northfields Avenue hawking Angela Bray’s questionnaire around the houses. They looked a little glum as they saw our eight canvassers at work garnished with red rosettes and with a film crew in tow. They stopped to look at us as we passed them, so I shouted to them: ‘Come on, Lord Ashcroft didn’t pay you to hang around and do nothing!’ They looked even more glum after that.” Indeed this week’s session drew in outside help from people with their own seats to fight like Labour’s Ealing Broadway team and Susanna Bellino the excellent Norbiton Labour candidate in Kingston.

As someone who teaches quantitative research methods for sociologists I’m thinking of using the so-called Tory “questionnaire” as an example of a bad survey in my classes. It is a textbook example of how to skew results with inadequate response categories, generate meaningless data and ask leading questions. On the whole we had a pretty good doorstep reception although plenty of folk not in and a fair few undecided. The people filming, who approached me after my City University debate the other day, have promised us the footage so watch this space. In all an interesting experience rounded off with a trip to Ealing Broadway by myself once we’d finished up.

Sad to say though that regarding this blog’s shopwatch feature while there I noticed that in the last week Ealing Broadway’s Burger King has closed its doors. More evidence then of this Conservative Administration’s lack of strategic thinking and complete inability to keep businesses in Ealing. Paraphrasing the fast foot joint’s latest ad campaign it’s a ******king disgrace.