Now that the London Evening Standard has become a freebie I find it more difficult than ever to come by unless I am in the centre of town taking the tube; which is a rarity given that I live and work in outer London suburbia. An ostensibly democratising move by a Russian oligarch seems to have turned it into a zone 1 plaything.

Nonetheless I’m told that I have a letter in today’s edition after yesterday’s piece by ex-Spectator editor Mathew D’Ancona’s article here on the BNP’s forced rule change to allow ethnic minorities to join.

What is printed is no doubt highly truncated but what I submitted follows here:

Whilst I agree with Matthew d’Ancona’s point that we ignore the BNP at our peril, his use of Eric Clapton as exemplifying multicultural Britain is baffling considering that Clapton made his money from exploiting the black-derived blues before famously voicing Powellite sentiments live on stage in Birmingham causing the pressure group Rock Against Racism to set up as a direct response.

Such details aside, I doubt there will be a floodgates effect of large numbers of Asians queuing up to join the BNP. It’s a sad fact that when I was growing up we were all Asians together but now that the fault-line is religion ie whether you’re Muslim or not. The token sikh sympathiser the BNP have allegedly recruited (their turbanned poster boy) is clearly being used by Griffin and his chums to spout an anti-Muslim line. You could say that divide and rule has long been a strategy of the British state.

Labour has always been the natural home of the immigrant voter in the UK for a combination of their belief in social justice and Enoch Powell’s unhelpful outbursts. I am confident that this will continue despite the BNP’s litigation-fearing rule change. The major political parties however would do well to remember that no voters – ethnic minorities or the white working class – should be taken for granted.

Rupa Huq

Labour candidate in London Borough of Ealing local government election, Walpole ward

Cannot find it on their website but if anyone gets hold of a print copy today I’d be grateful for sight of it after you’re done with it.