Had the pleasure (?) to see Prime Minister’s Questions today and took part in an almost liveblog thingy along with Hopi Sen and Paul Richards on reactions to it for Progress. See the resultant post here.

Having never worked in Parliament I was probably a bit of an outsider in the conversation and it never fails to amaze me how juvenile the whole shebang that goes on in the chamber is. It was impossible to hear the answer to the question being asked on Dover for example.

The last question we were asked is

What does it mean for the campaign?

to which I replied:

Very little really. It may be clipped for the evening news bulletins when normal people get home from work but let’s face it no-one really pays any attention to PMQs apart from hacks like us. Hague routinely ‘won’ against Blair but 2001 was pretty much groundhog day in terms of the general election result and the Labour high watermark of 1997.