The London Borough of Ealing is what is spookily pretty much always a predictor of the state of the nation. It’s a classic swing borough. It’s also near the BBC and Sky so often taken as a barometer for the way that the country will go by the media. In 06 the Tories took control of the town hall, largely on the back of the unpopular Ken Livingstone proposed scheme to introduce a tram running down the Uxbridge Road. After coming ahead of the Tories in the European elections last year Labour is hopeful of taking it back and among the candidates with that responsibility is myself in Walpole ward.

Co-candidates Wiktor Moszczynski and Paul Conlan and I are hungry to retake  this key marginal ward from the Tories by highlighting ward-level problems (e.g. poorly maintained pavements, flytipping, parking) and bigger picture ones like the way The Tories are throwing everything into their attempt at re-election eg bribing voters with £50 of their own money, pumping out an expensive glossy propoganda freesheet and hanging North Korean style banners from lamposts to boast of the achievements of their regime. There are also sinister hints in cuts in services after the election, outsourcing and unpopular re-development plans for the town centre which all underline that the Conservatives have no vision for the future of Ealing.
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Lastly for now, trivia alert: Walpole’s past residents include Spencer Perceval (1762 – 1812) the only UK PM who was assassinated in office. So now you know!