New year and there’s a general election looming with the phoney war already on. I had a fright on the way to work after happening upon a creepy billboard image of David Cameron spotted at the side of the A4 Great West Road in one of the target seat of Brentford and Isleworth. Ended the working day by being quoted on Channel 4 News’ website alongside others including Guido Fawkes and Progress’ Jessica Asato pontificating on the importance of the web to the election. More here. For my money the web is an additional campaigning tool but it’s bread and butter issues that’ll decide the outcome.

Talking of Progress, the esteemed centre-left think tank has been collecting opinions from various folk including Labour List’s Alex Smith, the Fabians’ Sunder Katwala and… erm me on what Gordon Brown should do between now and the election. Results are here. I was told to limit myself to 20 words but failed less miserably than some. Looks like top blogger/ Hackney dynamo Luke Akehurst was the only one who did the task properly – he also did a post on the subject yesterday. As Luke says “Close elections are won as much organisationally as by policies. Gordon must motivate Labour members to get out campaigning.” Can’t say fairer than that.

PS: Couldn’t find a link to the Mighty Wah version of the song in the title of this post so have the Three Degrees (from the Cliff Richard tv show natch) instead.