Had a post at CiF today arguing that after years of people sneering at suburbia it’s now become cool, albeit in a kitschy way.  See this recent Evening Standard article here, New Book “The Freedoms of Suburbia” by Paul Barker and London Transport Museum’s current exhibition – details here – for more evidence. A talk for those interested in how the Tube facilitated the growth of London neighbourhoods on the edge is on tomorrow night at the Museum, whose poster I have displayed below here:

Hell even the kids in America are getting in on the act as last month’s mega suburban conference/ convention at Hofstra University in Hempsted, Long Island (a suburb of New York) demontrated.

The best bit of the Guardian thing (in myopinion) ended up on cutting room floor. It was meant to conclude with the words “Now where’s that old Spandau LP of mine?” (Read the article in order to “get” it).