The nation feels terrible about the situation that’s arisen about Mrs Janes. Losing your own child is the worst nightmare for every parent – her son Jamie was just 20 years old. The PM-penned sloppy-looking letter was not appreciated by her, although by contrast other recipients of similar ones were on the tv news yesterday saying they were touched by the hand-written aspect of theirs. However having just clicked on the Sun website to hear the conversation between Gordon Brown and her I wonder if there is there a danger that the Murdoch rag is using the greiving mum to score points against a PM who it openly declared war on during the week of the Labour party conference. Why else would a transcript of the 13 minute conversation be available on several pages of the paper today? Obviously the Sun rigged the whole thing up, who normally records phone conversations after all? The clickable version is an edited highlights of 4 mins, obviously selectively cut.

Gordon Brown has written a few of these before (229) and sadly Mrs Janes’ one will not be the last. It was sobering to hear her describe exactly what happened to her son: bringing a human dimension to figures that we hear about in an often clinical way. The timing of all this was all the more poignant this poppy season with Rememberance Day having recently happened but let’s hope she is not succumbing to playing out the political agendas of the Sun and the Murdochs.