As David Cameron has egg on his face by U-turning on his cast-iron pledge to assure Britons a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, should a Conservative government be elected, a new debate has launched on the Future of the European left at the website of Social Europe Journal.

According to Labour philospher king Jon Cruddas who is behind the project:

“The poor results in the European elections in June were proof that we need to revive and reinvent our traditions. Since then the elections in Germany have delivered a terrible result for the SPD and in Britain the Labour Party faces a very difficult future. Change is essential. But what kind of change? In April 2009 Andrea Nahles and myself jointly published a document ‘Building the Good Society’ which  we launched in London and Berlin. It brought together social democrats from Germany and Britain to discuss a new direction for social democracy in Europe. The next stage is to use this exploratory text to build a pan-European network of social democrats who are looking ahead to build the good society.”

Looks to be an interesting unfolding debate. I was at a meeting at the weekend of folks from the recently-launched Downing Street Project who also thought that “change” was something that the British public are thirsting after right now but I think the general mood is one of  “anti-politics” since the whole expenses furore and the unalloyed rage it unleashed. The Czech result however seems to have put Europe back on the UK political radar. The EU is often painted by the right-wing press as something restrictive and interfering whereas the aim of the series of articles in this thread is to use the Obama-esque “another world is possible” narrative in a European context. Am hoping to add my voice at some stage.