Forgot to say I saw Vince Cable speak at Kingston University Student Lib Dem Society the other day.

He was quite donnish, as befitting someone with an economics PhD. For example his talk included a section on the formation of the SDP/Liberal Alliance, which nobody really talks  about anymore. Cable is ex-Labour ex-SDP and I think no current Labour person could have really disagreed with his commentary on what is happening now. He did do that annoying Lib Dem “I told you so” thing claiming that he was warning it would go tits up 5 years ago, however when asked on government handling of the crisis he said when the time came they made all the right decisions unlike the Tories whose plans for cuts would worsen things by causing unemployment among other things. When someone asked whose fault it all was the man who along with Robert Peston has been hailed a hero of the recession (at least until mansion tax-gate) answered “Well I don’t think organising a lynchmob to go round Gordon Brown’s house would be very productive”. Right on.

Most memorable quote for me was “In Teddingdon the big issue is parking, even despite the collapse of the world economy crashing down like a pack of cards…”

Talking of suburbia, if anyone’s going to this later see you there.