Best Brighton Labour conference story heard so far:

A teanacious Channel 4 hack-ette complete with camera crew spotted David Blunkett and guide-dog and assistant walking down the sea-front the other day. Hoping that Blunkett would ape his fellow bearded ex-Blairite Home Secretary and spout some off-message stuff about Gordon Brown she energetically followed Blunkett and co all the way with furry broom mike-thingy in tow until – klang! – hitting a lamp-post. Ouch.

The award-winning journo was left apparently contorting her face into an extreme cringe to avoid crying in pain. Fortunetly she’s ok and didn’t come off looking like Neil Kinnock did after his public topple on the same seafront in 1983 – unkindly remembered on the New Statesman site here.  Of course Blunkett is too loyalist to ever stick the knife into the PM and had to have the whole story described out loud as he’d not seen it with his own eyes, if you know what I mean.

All in all a good Labour conference even if latterly quite unfairly overshadowed by the arrogance of  Rupert Murdoch who seems to somehow think that the next general election is in his gift.