Just recieved a mass-type email from a tv newsreader who was on the same degree course as me many moons ago. If you can, do your bit.

Hoping to blog Labour conference later in the week by the way (am not there so following up to now via the tv).

Greetings all,Maziar Bahari is an Iranian journalist I’ve worked with in the past. The regime in Tehran arrested him shortly after the elections there and he has been held in solitary confinement and without access to a lawyer for a hundred days now. His partner is in London expecting their first child in just a few weeks.

Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, especially not Maziar who is a talented, kind and brave man.

I just don’t know how much difference signing the petition will make, but it doesn’t take long.

If you have a moment to glance at this;

or just sign this;


I’d appreciate it and so would Maziar’s family.