Under a “Ronseal” ie does-what-it-says-on-the-tin headline Conservative Home reports that Edward McMillan-Scott MEP has been expelled from the Conservative Party.

Looks like his crime was to win an election and tell some home truths about his opponent. He stood for a European Parliament vice president post against Michal Kaminski, a Polish MEP from one of the Conservative Party’s far-right-leaning new buddies in their new grouping the European Conservatives and Reformists. We’re only days into the new term and already the Times reports that “Mr McMillan-Scott… has been an MEP for 25 years and is unlikely to stand at the next election, which possibly gave him the freedom to express his feelings about the Tory allies.” Pity the poor electors of Yorkshire and the Humber who probably were thinking he actually wanted the job when they elected him rather than biding his time until 2014.

There are a number of conditions that have been spelt out that if McMillan-Scott complies with he can have the whip restored but it seems that commenters at Conservative Home reckon (i) hell will freeze over first and (ii) it’s a case of good riddance. The Times says “If Mr McMillan-Scott decides to leave the European Conservatives and Reformists group, it would slip from being the joint fourth largest in Strasbourg with the European Greens to the fifth — a further humiliation for Mr Cameron.”

Finally dunno what you think of the artless literal type of  headlinebut I’m not a huge fan. It’s a product of the google age where everyone jostles for being top of the search engines’ listing. I guess we will never really see the likes “Gotcha” again.