McDonalds has lost its eight year running battle against a restauant calling itself McCurry in Malaysia as reported by the BBC. Quite right too. If they think they can claim rights to a Scottish surname prefix that long predates them then they really are arrongant beyond belief.

Pity they used the might of their legal team to crush the McLibel twins all those years ago in that pre google and web2 era of the mid-90s.

These were a pair of campiagners distributing leaflets about the sourcing of Maccy D’s product and treatment of their workers. Although the two lost as a result of debate around the case the company in subsequent years went out of its way to try and soften its image in a more corporate resionsibility vein. The ghoulish Ronald McDonald has also become nigh-invisible. The Mc Libel case was also key in raising the visibility of grassroots activism of citizens against multinationals. It had a hand in the decline of deference that reached its apogee in the white heat of anger at the expenses scandal andrevulsion at bankers bonuses. Its successors can be seen in the G20 protests among other examples. Where-ever Dave and Helen are now this blog salutes them.

Finally just to get this holiday snap business out of my system, I thought I’d share with you a picture of McDonalds Marrakesh that was doing a brisk lunchtime trade in the French “nouvelle ville” part of town last week in spite of its being Ramadan – mostly amongst happy-meal buying kids. It serves 100% halal food in case you were wondering. I won’t go as far as David T’s infamous “I love Nandos” post but at least this bloated giant does have some ability at adapting to local circumstances. The “KFC opening soon” hoarding next to the Koutoubia Mosque however did strike me as a bit of a mismatch.
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