As we approach the eighth anniversary of the day the British called “September the 11th” and that the Americans named simply “9-11” I found this on my travels in the souk in Marrakesh last week.

It’s pictured twice as the thing (a sort of train set with tanks which runs on 1 AA battery) can be configured two ways: either with a kalashnikov-toting George Bush junior chasing Osama Bin Laden round a perpetually circular track or, as I saw it demonstrated on the roadside in the middle eastern state of Morrocco, with Bin Laden attempting to blast Bush’s head off. Granted the scenario is a bit outdated now post-Obama. The way the present President hosted a fast-breaking meal at the White House last week for Ramadan contrasts favourably with both his predecessor and the ham-fisted attempts of Boris Johnson to empathise with Muslims by… erm turning up to the East London Mosque in a cycle helmet. Nonetheless I’d say this Morroccan-aquired made in China curiosity lives up to the “super funny” it’s billed as.

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