Spotted on recent travels

1. The Feathers pub in Ealing Broadway with evidence of well-informed squatters having taken up occupancy; see the Ealing Gazette here.  Readers may remember that this is where the IRA planted a bomb some years ago. By the time this blog went by with a digital camera all evidence of them (copies of the Act stuck in the window) were gone.

and via Fleet Street tip offs

2. Inspector Morse’s house (which not ever in Oxford but actually on the Castlebar estate near where the Huq girls went to school) also taken over by squatters as chronicled by the national press here (Mail) , here (Telegraph) and the local rag Ealing Gazette here.

The Tory Press are applying their usual double standards on the latter. Suddenly the squatters (who are labelled “immigrants” to boot) are responsible for an an “eyesore”. The Daily Express ran an OTT editorial claiming “An elegant Victorian house… fallen into disrepair and overrun by foreigners… symbolic of that of the whole nation”… whereas in the case of the Keens it was all so different. There was palpable glee as it was reported that the appearance of alternative comedian Mark Thomas at the MPs’ constituency home equalled “fresh humiliation” for the hon members. No-one questioned how down-and-out/ well connected (delete according to opinion) the new occupants really were if they had access to a celeb comic in this way.

Surelythis selective applauding of squatting along with Tory Hounslow council’s decision to pursue the Labour MP couple which pretty much invited in the tenporarily resident self-styled Brentford all-stars can be desribed as nothing other than politically motivated. The paper that championed Tony Martin who shot dead a burglar on his premises converted to the cause of squatters rights? Only when its mixed with Labour-bashing naturally…

PS When I went past yesterday Inspector Morse’s pad had a for sale board up.