Proof, if proof were needed:

1. The artist formerly known as Recess Monkey, Alex Hilton spoofs the Mayor of Baltimore slagging off Chris Grayling and half of Fleet Street fall for it

2. The Daily Mail suggests that this sweet wrapper depicts two monsters having it off (428 comments last time I looked):

3. James Murdoch (his master’s voice) calls the advance of dear old Auntie Beeb (ie the BBC) “chilling” in the same way that Daniel Hannan MEP likened the NHS to a communist nightmare.

On #3 I am reminded of the Private Eye cartoon when James’ dad ended Eddy Shah’s dreams of newspaper proprietorship by buying the loss-making colour colour daily Today off him:

Nutwood readers shout “hooray”/ Rupert Bear has boaght “Today”

Now old Rupert’s done his sums/ We’ll all get more tits and bums

That’s what they’ll be wanting to impose on us all rather than BBC impartiality I take it.