In what the News of the World describes as a “sickening stunt” we are told of how

A LITTLE girl grins with glee as she holds a golly over a fire . . . while a jeering BNP politician finds the doll guilty of BEING BLACK during a vile mock trial and execution.

The baying crowd cheers when the toy – dubbed Winston – is condemned and dropped on to the flames to “die”. Goading on the assembled adults and kids the politician, a local council candidate, yells out these chilling words: “Let’s get a real one . . . in the town we’ll find one or two.”

After Robertsons ditched it and Carol Thatcher was ditched because of her reference to it, it looks like there are attempts afoot to revive this long forgotten toy of yesteryear. When the Thatcher thing was big earlier in the year it arose in a seminar discussion a colleague of mine was leading on racism. There were significant numbers of students who didn’t even know what golliwogs are/were. I doubt my 5 year old would recognise one. It’s arguably right to symbolically burn them in as much as they should be consigned to history although the BNP event sounds bizzare, unsubtle and clumsy in the extreme for what was meant to be a “fun” day. Pictures of this freakshow are here. Comment is Free piece on why the BNP will lose the argument is here. Finally an essay on the significance of the sybolism of the golly on the Mail website is here (although they are wrong to dismiss it as “hamless fun” in their usual “health and safety gone mad” way.)

Hat-tip: Sam Tarry