Typical of the Sun and Daily Mail to be getting up in arms by claiming that the TUC wants to ban women from wearing high heels at work. I felt suspicious at hearing this, as the TUC is a huge umbrella body. As Johninnit points out it on closer inspection it’s only a motion submitted to the Autumn Congress that has not been accepted for debate let alone voted on yet.

This fact was ignored by the person that even the usually right-on Guardian got to do a Comment is Free piece on the whole matter. Instinctively I am against men telling women what to wear, this extends to hijab bans on schoolkids in France. However if the offending gear intereferes with ability to perform tasks required by the job there can be a case so the niqab worn by a classroom assistant who needs face to face contact could scare little children. There could be cases where balancing on stilt-like heels would be detrimental and in such situations the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists have a point. The way the story was reported by HR Review is totally different to the misrepresentation of the “news” papers.

Meanwhile the Sun has netted along with the Conservative MP that Chris Paul regularly blogs about as Mad Nad one Konnie Huq (described quite rightly by Johninnit as “saintly”) to their cause. Whilst I am uncomfortable about any rightwing tabloid campaign to do down the trade unions which are an umbillical part of the Labour Movement and have improved working conditions for millions of people in wider society I have to agree with Konnie when she says

Hijab, heels, pink hair, if it doesn’t interfere with your job description, why not? If it improves it, even better.