Went to BBC Radio London last night to do Eddie Nestor’s “Rum Shop” Sunday news round up show in the graveyard slot that carries on beyond the midnight hour. Eddie was on top form being the witty self that won him a Sony award for being best speech radio presenter. Subjects discussed included the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry J. Gates, the first ever Black Miss Britain (who a text to the studio described as “hefty”), celebs punching people and swine flu. The callers raised some interesting ones too although there was a fair share of the reactionary mob phoning up. Like the lady from Sutton highlighting a Daily Mail expose of 2,000 a week trying to get in to the the UK via the back door and one even defending Chris Brown for hitting Rhianna. I honestly thought that the old “wogs start at Calais” saying was long dead and buried but I felt that caller number one was about to blurt it out any minute – on a show with a following in the Afro Carribean community (amongst other goups) too. Is it the recesion that’s feeding these opinions as everyone is feeling more insecure?

Hear it here: