If you’re missing your fix of political docu-drama that’s been absent since those dramas with Micheal Sheen as Blair/the BBC Thatcher season/ Party Animals’ main mover became Dr Who, Channel 4 is set to screen a dramatisation of Cameron’s Bullingdon Club days according to the Mirror. Here’s a pic in case you need a reminder of that golden age in which Boris Johson and David Cameron can be spotted. Looks great in a recession doesn’t it?

The paper also reports that, dsepite the hug a hoodie/ new man-buggy pushing image of their leader, the new intake of Tory MPs after the next election is likely to signal a sharp right turn in the parliamentary party.

Peculiarly this first revelation appears under the “celebs” tag of the Mirror site and the second is classifed as “politics”. Hardly surprising that humourless posters over at Conservative Home are getting their nickers in a twist about the whole thing, seeing it as a sinister leftwing plot to undermine the Tory poll-lead. Surely the party of laisez faire in the economy should advocate autonomy in the expressive arts too? After all that’s entertainment. As the Mail reminds  us there is the earlier precedent of C4’s “Tony Blair Rock Star” which the Tory party was never particularly vexed by. A still is below:

A young Tony Blair in his underpants played by actor, Christian Brassington who will now play Boris Johnson

Hat tip: Tweet4Labour