So “Sir Alan” Sugar is no more. Despite feigning ignorance at what “taking the Labour whip” means to Andrew Marr on the telly and having survived an attempt by BBC bosses to ditch him from “The Apprentice” for breaching Auntie’s impartiality requirement he has been installed into the upper house as Baron Sugar of Clapton. Sweet.

All this means that his bum hits the red benches just as everyone thought that goats were going out of fashion. That is the non-political types that made up the all-conquering 2007-model Brown’s first Government of All the Talents. After the departures of Darzi, Jones, Malloch-Brown et al, could this concept be making a comeback? Who next?

Perhaps while we’re at it, it’d be wise also to get some talent from different wings of the Labour party making an impact on the government’s programme in the run-up to the next election to allow fresh thinking. Royal Mail part-privatisation plans may be postponed but many would sooner see them scrapped altogether. Some self styled left thinkers outside the current Brown inner circle (Cruddas, Polly Toynbee, Billy Bragg) are spouting off at a new debate unfolding here. Judging from tonight’s Newsnight however all the director of the project James Purnell really said apart from expressing vexation at questions about his resignation was “ideas”, which apparently people are “fizzing with”. We never got to hear more really apart from “equality of capability” which I am none the wiser as to the meaning of. I look forward to hearing more and to the newly ermined Sugar arguing the case for redistrubution and left realignment in due course.