Readers may be aware of the Government’s flagship joined up government initiative to prevent violent extremism on which the DCLG leads. This was a Hazel Blears brief before she went, so it annoys me that people kept describing her as “local government minister” on the day of her departure as her post went much wider than that.

Well my plumbing doesn’t allow it but it seems that the male propensity for spontaneous toilet activity has twice got in the way of this:

1. In 2005 it was a surveillance officer having a wee outside the block of a suspected terrorist that led to the pursuit and ultimate fatal shooting of the wrong person – Jean Charles DeMenezes.

2. Then yesterday came the news that a 40-something white supremacist only had the bombs he was constructing in the bedroom at his parents Reading semi discovered when he was urinating at a railway station waiting for the Paddington train. According to the CPS “this man, who had strong if not fanatical right-wing leanings and opinions, was on the cusp of embarking on a campaign of terrorism against those he considered non-British.”

Yet PVE as those in the know call it really ammounts only to stopping Muslim terrorism as this helpful FAQ explains. The strategy has raised eyebrows for singling out one religion in this way. Indeed there is an anti-PVE group in Reading as it happens. If you take the PVE terminology at face value it is potentially flawed. Surely far right activity can constitute violent extremism too? The Nazi nailbomber from a few years back was a prime example. The intended targets of the would-be Reading bomber Neil Lewington sound like they went wider than just one religious group. We are all safer as a result of his interception.

Anyway, regarding the having-a-pee connection with PVE: one result for better and one very much for worse.