You may have heard of the new report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that puts the lie to the idea that immigrants are the main recipients of social housing in the UK. Regular commenter to this blog Rumbold brings us the news at Pickled Politics here. The EHRC found that contrary to popular myth 88% of council properties were allocated to the British-born while only 1.8% to those entering the UK in last 5 years. Rumbold ends his piece by hoping that this research gets the coverage it deserves so that it can put a few people straight. Yet the way the Daily Mail has reported is in typically hysterical ranting mode. See here. It’s the second time in a matter if days I’ve seen this rag distort facts in this way. This supposed expose of theirs of an ex-student of mine who was basically just doing her job of being an investigative journalist very well was blogged here.

I found myself appearing on the BBC Asian network yesterday lunctime up against an Asian female graduate of statistics who seemed to be saying that today’s immigrants were sponging parasites, unlike her dad who came to the UK from East Africa with two hay-pennies in his pocket and has only had a day off from work since. It may be stating the bleeding obvious but from Irish, Jewish and French Hugenot settlers onwards Britain has been massively enriched by immigrants. Net migration figures show more people leaving than entering in any case. Even Boris Johnson has called for an amnesty on illegal immigrants, as previously happeed in Spain. Furthermore in the eyes of white racists British-born Asians like her and me are immigrants and this I’m alright Jack divisive attitude will get us nowhere. In short it should not be us Asians who do the BNP’s bidding for them.

Good work then EHRC. I was dubious about the merger of its predecessors the EOC, CRE and disability commission but more like this would be welcome to deflate the BNP (and Asian racists). As a body of the nature it is however would it survive a Cameron-ian cull of the quangos?