If you click on the following link it’ll take you to a 60 minute documentary directed by Ivo Gormley on web 2.0 and political participation/ grassroots activism.

If you’re at a loose end this Weds 8th July there is a panel discussion in Parliament on the thing sponsored by Channel 4. Click here to register. It’s a freebie. Among those disecting this powerful and moving film (not usual that things on the internet have that capacity) are Douglas Carswell (Tory MP and harrier of the ex-speaker), David Putnam (chariots of Kinnock) and my good self.

Looks like there have been a few similar discussions recently – according to Sunny and Guido. Operation Black Vote did one I chaired on Obama and Web 2 not long ago, the film this one is based around is caled “Us Now”. Should be a good one and geuninely interactive in the old fashioned sense.