You may have heard the story of Alan and Ann Keen’s home in Brentford (in her seat, he represents next door). First came the news that Hounslow Tory-run council was attempting to repossess the house which has lain empty while the MP couple with neighbouring seats have had the painters and decorators in. Then was the follow-up revelation that squatters had entered. Well two developments:

1. Ann Keen has issued a letter to her neighbours – in full here.

2. Up until now if you wanted to voyeuristically get close up to the net curtains without making a trip to Brentford, you’d have had to make do with the muck-raking Daily Mail (who also got the scoop on James Purnell’s former flat). I can now step in to make amends. Taken by my own fair hand are some pictures of the gaff. Click on any of them to enlarge – particularly the last one of the Downing Street style front-door.

Readers will judge for themselves but it is interesting to see the MP(s’) side – noteably absent amongst the outrage reaching us via newspaper proprieters. Some valid points are made. Furthermore am I the only one who finds the demand of backy’n’booze a bit of an ask?