Am still shocked about Michael Jackson’s passing. Went to bed after seeing Kirsty Wark interrupted in the middle of a story in expenses (BBC exectives this time) on Newnight to recieve news in her ear-piece that he’d been rushed to hospital. Awoke to hear he’d passed away. This picture depicts a pre-surgery MJ.

A number 10 spokesman and David Cameron have both expressed sadness for Jackson fans in Britain and the world while a bogus David Milliband has twittered that never before had somebody soared so high then dived so low. The phoney Foreign Secretary apparently has 1,800 followers.

Already it is being called a Diana moment. As far as I can remember William Hague’s weirdly detached response and then accusation of Blair milking it was seen as his downfall – along with a trip in baseball cap to Alton Towers, visit to the Notting Hill Carnival and stay in a hotel with Ffragrant Ffion before they’d tied the knot; that last one a faux pas with the Tory faithful.

There were no 24 hour news channels for most in 97 but Diana dominated the bulletins that there were. Certainly Hopi seems correct that normal news seems to have been suspended. Both Sky News and News 24 seem to consist of wall to wall tributes from any old Tom, Dick and Harriet. I must say I saw him live in about 1991 (?) at Wembley Stadium. I won the tickets for completing a slogan about why Sony tapes were the best (answer was “use them and you won’t need your head examining”). Can’t remember that much about the gig for some reason, even the support act escapes me. I think the exact prize was an “all expenses trip” but I didn’t take them up on that as it was just an 83 bus ride away and I had a monthly LT travelcard as I was working in central London.

Anyway I hadn’t meant to post a “shock horror party Labour member declines to claim expenses” story. What I did want to say is, where’s Jarvis Cocker when you need him? I notice man of the Sheffield (common) people JC has declined so far to comment. Footage of the 1996 stage invasion where Cocker mooned during his “Heal the World” in the protest at Jackson’s “self-aggrandising performance” is here.