When Gordon Brown checked in with Simon Cowell that Susan Boyle was ok the other week following her checking into rehab, he was met with ridicule. The PM can’t win it seems. People accuse him of not having an empathetic side but then when he does go and prove he has, he’s accused of being gimmicky. Have posted a longer thing on celebrity culture including a comparison of the Hairy Angel and Heathcliff of Kircaldy at Comment is Free here. Example paragraph:

Politics 2009-style feels like one big reality show – from the speaker’s election to Alan Sugar’s appointment. Meanwhile, even without trying, we know everything about Susan Boyle and nothing about Diversity, the actual BGT winners. We are fixated by the whole mindset of Britain’s Got Talent, without acknowledging that Britain’s Got Problems. There are real issues around – a global economic crisis and the continued environmental threat to our planet but you wouldn’t know it, which is the real scandal.

In the meantime Jon Stewart’s take on it all is here (at 4.13) or in still form here: