Spent Saturday at the Compass conference. You may have already seen reviews of it up at Comment is Free from Britpop author/Guardian employee John Harris and War on Want’s John Hilary. Both were podium speakers. I have up on the same site a view from a bit-player. Although I was a speaker at a parallel break-out session on “Breaking up Britain” addressing devolution organised around the energetic Mark Perryman’s latest book, for the most part I was a humble observer of the set-piece stuff. My verdict is here. Unusually the comments up so far do not seem to be the usual “you’re not as fit as your sister” ones but this time attacking Chuka Umuna, one of Labour’s bright young things for the future (hell everyone’s seemingly younger than me nowadays) who is mentioned in it. Redress the balance if you so wish (I mean by saying what a good thing Chuka is, that is).