It’s not been YouTubed to my knowledge but the Daily Telegraph reports that David Cameron, appearing at a public meeting in Norwich in a bout of electioneering in advance of the forthcoming by-election, adopted a comedy German accent to mimic a fictitious officer of the state demanding “your papers please” in a future Britain of ID cards. Has he not been on the Tories’ diversity awareness course? Is he trying to alienate the Teutonic vote? Is this what Dave is like in his off-guard moments when not appearing silently in photo opps with cute baby seals? Not amusing, not big, not clever, not impressing anybody. At least he didn’t say “two world wars and one world cup” but it’s hardly becoming of the person that wants to be this nation’s next Prime Minister.

Incidently, also on the Telegraph website Ben Leapman, a uni chum of mine who was behind the Freedom of Information Request that unleashed the whirlwind that became expensesgate adds an FOI consideration into the increasingly crowded race for Speaker of the House of Commons. He suggests that by voting to keep expenses secret both Parmjit Dhanda and Anne Widdicombe have pretty rotten credentials to be cobweb buster in cheif. Judge for yourself who is the most plausible from Newsnight’s US primary style debate tonite.

UPDATE: Iain Dale has the Cameron footage here. Well I’ve always though the man is a good actor if nothing else. Just don’t mention the war.