In the last 48 hours everything has happened and nothing has happened. Clunking fists, bitten nails. What can I say?

Newsnight have launched their 12 person election jury . Anyone watching on Thursday night may have glimpsed myself as one of those called up. Indeed I first heard of the Purnell resignation whilst being powder puffed by the make-up lady before going on (I did try to warn them silk purse… sow’s ear but they insisted; something about “shine”). Not quite a JFK moment but one that’s already feels aeons ago due to subsequent events. I always liked Caroline Flint as a good communicator, which this government needs more of, although I’ve never met her. Never met Purnell either. For those who need a reminder of what he looks like, he’s the chap on the far right of the first the pics below (remember photoshop-gate? what innocent times those were).

When I went to vote on Thursday and do school-drop-off/collection I didn’t sense any other electors/ mums clamouring for a protracted bout of internal Labour party machinations now. It does seem a slightly misplaced priority when there’s an economy to sort out, world economic crisis plus near-complete collapse of faith in politics at large. I’m sure many Labour members this weekend are feeling the sense of incredulity and despair voiced from his sick-bed by the always excellent Luke Akehurst. Death by hotmail seems a bizzare carry-on. I did not like the way Blair, a thrice election-winner was not allowed to choose the manner and timing if his own departure but I equally deplore the current trend for self-destruction the Labour party.

Lastly there seems to be an inconsistency with David Cameron’s scratched-record style call for an immediate General Election and the fact that not all Tory candidate vacancies are filled. You’ll remember he called for all-comers of all walks of life regardless of political involvement to come forward to present themselves as wannabees. Apparently that process is due to happen in the Autumn. So why the election baiting? Surely if Brown is as much of a loser as Cameron makes out the Tories should want him to stay? Is this a bit of reverse psychology? Any General Election should at least take place in normal peacetime conditions. The Telegraph has 650 MPs to get through. As far as I can work out they’re not done yet. Due to expenses hysteria (newspaper proprieters getting angry, people getting angry and newspapers telling us we’re angry making everyone yet more angry) that is not now.