I cast my ballot at 8.40am on the way to school drop-off. No queue at that stage. Let’s hope that this reflected the early hour and not eventual the turnout. It may be stating the obvious but in the Euros a big non-BNP vote is needed to make their % insignificant under the rotten system this election is being run on. Of course if you can vote Labour even better – it was 11th on a lengthy ballot paper on 19 for us in London.

This video from Unions Together underlines the point. You may also have county elections too – they do in my old stomping ground in Buckinghamshire. If you’ve not done it yet there is still time. Get off your arse now (of before the polls close at 10.00 in any case) to do your bit. After all for tyranny to succeed it only takes good people to do nowt.