My old chum Brentford LB Hounslow Councillor Matt Harmer reminds readers of his email newsletter about the old Lucozade advert along the A4 which disappeared when the building it adorned was demolished to make way for an Audi showroom. Even without this demolition its lifespan was limited because of the age of the technology that made it work. “Hundreds of relays (ask your Dad) all clicking away”, he explains. I remember it well as a sign that we were on the right track when returning home from Heathrow.

There’s been a working party to see if it could be reinstated elsewhere ever since. There was a near-miss but then the planning permission granted in 2004 it reseted on expired. Now there is a new A4 site proposed; drivers heading to London on the M4 would be the Lucozade sign and drivers heading out of town would see whatever ad the hoarding’s owners wanted to display. However Tory Houslow council are recommending refusing planning permission this time. Apparently advertising hoardings have mushroomed, often without permission and acting as eyesores.

The matter now comes before Thursday 11th June’s Area Planning Committee. Although he’s less keen on the proposed ad Matt says “The old sign was a landmark which a number of people have said they would like to see returned.” Even the BBC website mourned the passing of this kitschy 50s iconic display of the light fantastic at the time. Matt’s declared an interest (previous involvement in the working party) so can take no part in the discussion or vote but invites all comments to take forward to the planning officers. I personally think a hi-tech 21st century monument to the raver’s tipple of choice would be no bad thing.

In the meantime get well soon Susan Boyle. Overnight success can have its downs as well as its ups. I think the appropriate Smiths’ line is “Fame fame fatal fame, it can play hideous tricks on the brain” (from Frankly Mr Shankly).